RoBBiE Land

The Sovereign Nation of

est. 1984 

The Republic Of Robbie

RoBBiE LAND  1984-2017-(2018-darkyear)-present


King: Bawanna Robbie Raggs esq.


Everlasting Goddess: Pamela Anderson since 1991

National Anthem: Erin Shore by The Corrs since 1999

RANKs:       A) KING       B) Queen       C) Prime Minister       D) DUKE    E) AID to KBRR    F) General  5star, 4Star, 3Star 2star, 1star  G) REP.  H) GOV  I) Mayor

QUEEN: None                             Prime Minister : T.B.A.                            DUKE of Mos Eisely: None                            DUKE of Achorhead: 

Number one Aid: Kim Morris        Number TWO Aid: Cherie Witter        Number THREE Aid Press SEC: Dona L. Speir         Number FOUR Aid:

5 Star General: Chewbobble            4 Star General: Carissa Little john      3 Star General: Jesus Bobblebody   2 Star General:   1 Star General

Secretary of Defense:  Kelly Ann Tough     Secretary of Press: Patty Duffek       Secretary of: ____________________     Secretary of Navy Marine Life: Veronica Gamba

Secretary of education:  ____________________        Secretary of: ____________________   Secretary of: ____________________     Secretary : ____________________

Ambassador of Other Nations:  Gianna Amore         Ambassador of :                    Ambassador of :                       Attorney : Alex Swoyer

Territory, Cities and Villages                      /                    Governors and Representative    /                           description

Abafar      -    Territory                                -             REP. Eloise Broady DeJoria                   south Robbie Land kitchen

Achorhead  -  Capitol City -                          -              Mayor. India Allen                                  home of General Chewbobble and heliport

Ahch-To     -     Village-      location University of Robbie land        -   REP. Monique Noel      Mayor. Anna Clark                Orange/red cabinet 

Akiva      -      Village                               -               Mayor. Kari Kennell       Northern  Robbie Land bathroom closet in Dathomir territory   ( Deadbugalli )   

Batuu      -   Tropical Southern Village        -                 Gov. Rebecca Ferratti         south Robbie Land kitchen              

Buckinghamnicks    -    Territory    -                             REP. Ruth Guerri               CARLSBAD OFF limits to non gov personal

Cantonica  -    Village                              -                REP. Fawna MacLaren    -  North Robbie Land Marble Top bed stand table next to Neimoidia

D'Qar island Ile of The Straights    -                                                      -    Straights between Darthmir and Buckinghamnicks aka Carlsbad

Dathomir ( Deadbugalli )   -  Territory                -          REP. Ava Fabian              North Robbie Land restroom

Mount RaGGommanjaro   -   Mountain           -                 REP. Donna Edmondson

Eadu                         -    Village                -             REP.   Hope Dworaczyk     North Robbie Land restroom closit in Dathomir territory top of mountain 

Mos Eisely   -  Largest City                    -                  Gov. Marianne Gravatte                           computer tv monitors 

Neimoidia    -   Village                          -                 REP. Heidi Sorenson    North RoBBiE LAND                  Bed winterland


List of Inturns:

tess youmans

List of Stand by / substitutes  

Lynne Austin

Highest Point/Tallest Mountain : Mount RaGGomanjaro  Dathomir ( Abafar )  part of RaGGDes Mountain Range

Fort Ragg (aka. Base Raggma):  Gen Jesus    Base of Mount RaGGomanjaro   Secretary of    :                  Secretary of   :      Secretary : ____________________

On OCTOBER 7th in the year of our King: Bawanna Robbie Raggs esq.  2019 has ruled Build a mobile city that will transport people and be a moving robotic city

On September 14th in the year of our King: Bawanna Robbie Raggs esq.  2019 has ruled Ahch-To, will be the location of The University Of Robbie Land

On August 18th in the year of our King: Bawanna Robbie Raggs esq. 2019 ruled The Republic of Robbie will officialy also Go by it's original name Robbie Land

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