RoBBiE Land

The Sovereign Nation of

est. 1984 

The united Republic Of Robbie

RoBBiE LAND  1984-2017-(2018-darkyear)-present



King: Bawanna Robbie Raggs esq.


Everlasting Goddess: Pamela Anderson since 1991

National Anthem: Erin Shore by The Corrs since 1999

RANKs:       A) KING       B) Queen       C) Prime Minister       D) DUKE    E) AID to KBRR    F) General  5star, 4Star, 3Star 2star, 1star  G) REP.  H) GOV  I) Mayor

QUEEN: None                             Prime Minister : T.B.A.                            DUKE of Mos Eisely: None                            DUKE of Achorhead: 

Number one Aid: Kim Morris        Number TWO Aid: Cherie Witter        Number THREE Aid Press SEC: Dona L. Speir         Number FOUR Aid:

5 Star General: Chewbobble            4 Star General: Carissa Little john      3 Star General: Jesus Bobblebody   2 Star General:   1 Star General

Secretary of Defense:  Kelly Ann Tough     Secretary of Press: Patty Duffek       Secretary of: ____________________     Secretary of Navy Marine Life: Veronica Gamba

Secretary of education:  ____________________        Secretary of: ____________________   Secretary of: ____________________     Secretary : ____________________

Ambassador of Other Nations:  Gianna Amore         Ambassador of :                    Ambassador of :                       Attorney : Alex Swoyer

Department of Tourism and Visitors (Dept. T&V) : Dept.Head  Lynne Austin         aid :                    Aid :                       Aid : 

Territory, Cities and Villages                      /                    Governors and Representative    /                           description


Abafar      -    Territory                                -             REP: Eloise Broady DeJoria                 south Robbie Land kitchen

Bacardi Island    -  Tropical Southern Village & Island in the sea of south R.O.R.  mayor: Julia Rose Jan 2020 RaGGeTTE    south Robbie Land kitchen              

Mos Eisely   -  Largest City                    -                  Mayor: Marianne Gravatte                           computer tv monitors 

Batuu      -   Tropical Southern Village        -                 Mayor: Rebecca Ferratti        south Robbie Land Den            

Joan's Beach - Southwest URR Tropical White Sands beach - Mayor:                            with a Restaurant and night club one hotel to come Exclusive hidden hard to get to 


Ahch-To     -     Village-      location University of Robbie land        -   REP. Monique Noel      Mayor. Anna Clark                Orange/red cabinet 

Buckinghamnicks    -    Territory    -                             REP. Ruth Guerri               CARLSBAD OFF limits to non gov personal


Mount RaGGommanjaro   -   Mountain  between north and south urr         -                 REP. Donna Edmondson


  aka: Caribou

Achorhead  -  Capitol City -                  -              Mayor. India Allen             NORTH ROBBIE LAND home of General Chewbobble and heliport

Akiva      -      Village                       -               Mayor. Kari Kennell       Northern  Robbie Land bathroom closet in Dathomir territory   ( Deadbugalli )   

D'Qar island Ile of The Straights            -                                        -    Straights between Darthmir and Buckinghamnicks aka Carlsbad


Dathomir ( Deadbugalli )   -  Territory                -          REP. Ava Fabian              North Robbie Land restroom

Cantonica  -    Village                 -           Mayot:  Fawna MacLaren    -  North Robbie Land Home of RoBBiE LAND Tech University Marble Top bed stand table next to Neimoidia

Eadu        -    Village                -             Mayor:   Hope Dworaczyk     North Robbie Land restroom closet in Dathomir territory top of mountain 

Neimoidia    -   Village              -              Mayor:  Heidi Sorenson    North RoBBiE LAND                  Bed winterland



List of Interns:

tess youmans

List of Stand by / substitutes  

Highest Point/Tallest Mountain : Mount RaGGomanjaro  Dathomir ( Abafar )  part of RaGGDes Mountain Range

Fort Ragg (aka. Base Raggma):  Gen Jesus    Base of Mount RaGGomanjaro   Secretary of    :                  Secretary of   :      Secretary : ____________________

                                                         On January 18th  in the year of our King: Bawanna Robbie Raggs esq.  2020 has ruled 

                                                        The Republic of Robbie will now be the United Republic of Robbie (with separate States)

On OCTOBER 7th in the year of our King: Bawanna Robbie Raggs esq.  2019 has ruled Build a mobile city that will transport people and be a moving robotic city

On September 14th in the year of our King: Bawanna Robbie Raggs esq.  2019 has ruled Ahch-To, will be the location of The University Of Robbie Land

On August 18th in the year of our King: Bawanna Robbie Raggs esq. 2019 ruled The Republic of Robbie will officialy also Go by it's original name Robbie Land

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